European Road Transport

If you are looking to transport a full container load (FCL) or full trailer load (FTL), Our  high-volume equipment ensures that your cargo will arrive in perfect condition every time. Our services are Daily departures for Export and Import.

Pan-European service. Our Equipment includes both ambient and temperature-controlled units. With  multi- modal services across road, rail and sea, we offer a flexible and cost-effective full-load solutions.

Our equipment includes:

  • Reefer equipment (reefer trailers and reefer containers)
  • Dry cargo trailers
  • Swap-bodies
  • Containers​

If you have a less than trailer load (LTL) or a less than container load (LCL), our Daily collection, consolidates your shipments in to our terminals to meet with our daily / weekly departures depending on your destination both import and export guaranteeing  that it will arrive in perfect condition, every time.

Intermodal transport services
Holland & Stockford Ltd provides UK and Italian importers and exporters with a fast, effective and environmentally friendly inter – modal service.

Sliding roof, curtain-sided swap-bodies allow full cargo access from all sides
State-of-the-art 13.6 Mt ambient and refrigerated swap-bodies offer higher payloads than conventional road transport
The timetable is designed to keep transit times to a minimum.

Specialised equipment
Whether you’re transporting smaller consignments, part-loads or full loads, Our specialised equipment and strategic rail, road and sea links enable us to provide our customers with tailor-made solutions to fit  specific requirements, door-to-door services.

Sliding-roof, curtain-sided swap-bodies
Double-deck trailers
Semi-deck fridge trailers
Box vans with tail lifts

Cut emissions as well as costs
Our expertise taps into  dedicated rail service between terminals strategically placed near Birmingham and Milan provides direct links between the UK and Italy’s industrial heartlands, cutting down on the distance travelled by road and avoiding increasing road congestion.

Rail transport can reduce:

Carbon dioxide emissions by up to 90%
Hydrocarbon emissions by up to 95%
Sulphur dioxide emissions by up to 76%
Nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 95%
Particulates emissions by up to 90%

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